Third session: Carsten Rahbek on video (DK)

in100y sem3 7

Carsten Rahbek is professor at Department of Biology, Copenhagen University and director of Centre for Macroecology (CME). His main personal research interests are patterns of species distribution, species range sizes, species assemblages, species richness and what determines such patterns. His recent research focus has been on the issue of climate change and biodiversity, and he does not think that the main problem for the Danish and European species is climate change. Allready there is hardly any space left, where nature exists on its own terms. Climate change “just” amplify the negative effects that we humans have imposed on the habitats. And for 99% of the world´s species we do not know how they will be affected by rising temperatures. Carsten is also a member of the Core Group of the project In100years.

Resume: How can we deal with the unknown? In Denmark my generation has lost contact with nature in comparison with my parents’ generation. Watch the video here

Carsten Rahbek – Nature is Change from In100Y on Vimeo.

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