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in100y picture sem1 sal Blog posts about the day:
Thinking in Centuries
Sustainable Leadership
Steady State Economics
Starting the Journey
First Foresights

Pdf of the presentations:
Gitte Larsen
Minik T. Rosing
Peder Andersen
Jennifer Jarratt
Dan O’Neill
Jan Rotmans
Steen Hildebrandt
Steen Svendsen
Søren Steen Olsen

Imagine that you are now in the year 2112 and looking back at the 21st seminar. If you were to put a label on the last 100 years, what would it be? Some of the answers from the participants are here»

Articles from seminar 1
Vision, integration of knowledge and mind shift
Floating Futures Performing the future

Video interviews
Speaker attending in spirit: John Fullerton – ‘3rd millenium economy’ 18:24 min John Fullerton – Growth, only answer to debt 02:10 min John Fullerton – Economy vs Environment 00:40 min

Videos from the day
Day 1: 11:39 min Interviews with among others: Pernille Blach Hansen, Hans-Henrik Samuelsen, Tor Nørretranders, Steen Hildebrandt, Martin Lidegaard, Claus Stig Pedersen.

Day 2: 09:47 min Glimpses from the workshops and interviews with among others: Karen Blincoe, Wendy Schultz, Carsten Rahbek, Bo Normander. Paula New Woman initiated day two at ‘In 100 Years – Starting Now’ with a couple of tunes, opening up the poetic spheres of the seminar before the participants started the workshops. The Imaginary Tour of Copenhagen Dear Reisende Welcome to your Future Mind Tour We hope that you are all comfortable in your seats. It’s a beautiful day and we’re about to enter another time. Get ready for our first time-travel. Mind the long run, baby! Nightwalk

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