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Copenhagen Seminar #2, 21-22 September 2011
Key words: Actor perspective, social innovation, new policy and business models, happiness and well-being, sustainable leadership and management, organisational and enterprise design.

Program available here

Materials from the day. Including pdf of the presentations.

The second seminar will explore possibilities and conditions for sustainable growth in companies, organisations and institutions. The purpose of the seminar is to look at particular cases of policy and business models that work sustainably in practice and discuss what is needed to extend those to other areas, countries and organisations.

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Ole Fogh Kirkeby, Professor of Leadership, Copenhagen Business School. Ole is author of a number of books and right now finishing his coming book with the working title “Hvad er det gode? Udkast til fundamentet for en teori om velfærd”, which will be published by Gyldendal in August/ September 2011 (DK).

Robert Costanza, Professor of Sustainability and Director of Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS), the hub for interdisciplinary research, teaching, and engagement in sustainability at Portland State University. The Institute administers the ten-year, $25 million challenge grant for sustainability made by the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation to PSU in September 2008. Costanza is editor-in-chief and co-founder (along with Paul Hawken, David Orr and John Todd) of the new journal Solutions (www.thesolutionsjournal.org) (US).

Joseph F. Bragdon, Director of the Sustainability Institute in Hartland, Vermont, and author of Profit for Life: How Capitalism Excels. Joseph (Jay) is a pioneer in the field of corporate stewardship, and the book Profit for Life condenses almost 40 years of research on the empirical connections between stewardship and profitability (US).
Read about Bragdons projects on the blog: Profit for Life: How Capitalism Excels and Carbon free energy solutions.

Dr. Saamdu Chetri. Dr. Saamdu is appointed the first Director of the coming GNH Centre, Bumthang, in Bhutan. He was born in a cowshed in lower Dagana, a place called Nichula in late 1957, and he was the first government graduate who was sent to serve in the private sector in 1982. After serving 6 years under the firm of a divine soul, he joined an international organisation and worked there for more than 18 years. Thereafter, he took an early retirement to work with the rural people and learn with them the new roles and responsiblities in the rapid democratic changes. Since April 2008, he has been serving the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Bhutan, as a political appointee, and now he has been entrusted to look after all the special projects of the Hon’ble Prime Minister in Bhutan – one of them being the GNH Centre in Bumthang. Read more at http://gnhbhutan.blogspot.com/2010/12/summary-of-concept-on-gnh-centre.html