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Seminar 3#: No fixes, pal!
Wes Jackson is Founder of the Land Institute in Kansas, and according to him we need to listen more carefully to how nature works. If you do that, you are able to discover the roots that will save civilisation.

Wes Jackson – Nature as Teacher from In100Y on Vimeo.

Carsten Rahbek is professor at Department of Biology, Copenhagen University and director of Centre for Macroecology (CME). His main personal research interests are patterns of species distribution, species range sizes, species assemblages, species richness and what determines such patterns. His recent research focus has been on the issue of climate change and biodiversity, and he does not think that the main problem for the Danish and European species is climate change. Allready there is hardly any space left, where nature exists on its own terms. Climate change “just” amplify the negative effects that we humans have imposed on the habitats. And for 99% of the world´s species we do not know how they will be affected by rising temperatures. Carsten is also a member of the Core Group of the project In100years.

Carsten Rahbek – Nature is Change from In100Y on Vimeo.


Seminar 2#: Doing good, thanks!
Advancing sustainable societies

Robert Costanza is Professor of Sustainability and Director of Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS), which is the hub for interdisciplinary research, teaching, and engagement in sustainability at Portland State University. According to Costanza universities must serve as models of innovative practices and sustainable systems and address the underlying workings of our complex socio-ecological systems. It will require a new kind of university that can adequately integrate synthesis, analysis, communication, service, and outreach; a university that can adequately reward and encourage trans-disciplinary research and teaching; a university that can emphasize cooperative synergy rather than cutthroat competition. Robert Costanza is also editor-in-chief and co-founder (along with Paul Hawken, David Orr and John Todd) of the new journal Solutions (www.thesolutionsjournal.org). House of Futures met Costanza in Copenhagen and interviewed him about his visions for a sustainable and preferred future and the role of universities in advancing sustainable societies.

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Seminar 1#: Mind the long run, baby!
3rd millennium economy

John Fullerton was a senior bank executive with JPMorgan until 2001, who was already then asking probing questions about the financial system and the direction it was headed. After leaving, he began investigating alternative economic ideas and became an active “impact investor”, aligning his capital with his values in the period leading up to the financial crisis of 2008-2009. In late 2009, sensing the opportunity and need to fundamentally rethink finance, John founded Capital Institute. He is now engaged in some of the most interesting alternative economic model projects in the US and internationally. Hear his personal story and visions for a new and sustaining economics built on an understanding of natural systems science, the 3rd Millennium Economy.

John Fullerton – ‘3rd millenium economy’ from In100Y on Vimeo.

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John Fullerton – Economy vs Environment from In100Y on Vimeo.