Robert Costanza, Professor of Sustainability (US)

in100y picture2 Robert Costanza, Professor of Sustainability and Director of Institute for Sustainable Solutions, emphasizes the role of Universities in creating a Sustainable and Desirable future: (

“Universities must play a critical role in this transformation, not only by educating future leaders and supporting researchers in the quest for applied solutions, but also by serving as models of innovative practices and sustainable systems.

Universities in the U.S. have not yet risen to this challenge and many sustainability initiatives have dissolved into fragmented, tinkering reforms that fail to address the underlying workings of our complex socio-ecological systems.

It will require a new kind of university to act on these opportunities: a university that can adequately integrate synthesis, analysis, communication, service, and outreach; a university that can adequately reward and encourage trans disciplinary research and teaching; a university that can emphasize cooperative synergy rather than cutthroat competition.”

While universities are without a doubt important and experienced institutions in creating the knowledge and insight needed to advance society, maybe true co-creation requires universities to go beyond the borders of campuses.

At In100Y we are committed to just the kind of integrative approach Costanza outlines, and we look forward to receiving the contribution from experienced researchers and scientific institutions.

You can meet Robert Costanza at the second Copenhagen Seminar Doing good, thanks! Program: Coming medio August  

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