Dutch Knowledge Network for System innovation and Transitions (KSI)

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The Dutch Knowledge Network for System Innovation and Transitions compiles their expertise in a series of websites that lends governments, organisations and companies that want to think and act sustainable a helping hand: ( http://www.ksinetwork.nl/ )

“From 2004 KSI developed a huge number of practical projects and research programmes that focuses on the process of transitions in society. That resulted in a new field of science: transition knowledge.

KSI compromises over 80 researchers from a dozen Dutch university’s and research institutes with specific expertise of transitions and system innovations. They examined how to make a much needed transformation towards a sustainable society. Among politicians, entrepreneurs and scientists the sense of urgency grows that this process is one of the greatest challenges for the next decades.”

There is an amazing amount of research going on in universities that provides profound answers to society’s most pressing problems, but the dire reality is only a fraction of that ever leaves the academic arena. The KSI is hopefully an exception to this.

At in100y we want to explore ways in which partnerships ensures that knowledge is put to use in society.

You can meet Jan Rotmans, one of the initiators of KSI and Professor in Sustainability Transitions at DRIFT, Erasmus University Rotterdam, at the first Copenhagen Seminar Mind the long run, baby!

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