Scenarios towards 2112

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In the project “In100years” we focus on preferred futures for sustainable societies in the long run. We know transformation is needed, but in what way do we know it? That is to say, is the knowledge something that induces a mindshift inducing us to actually start a different course? That is the first question. The second question is, which kind of mindset would we prefer to see?

We at House of Futures take sustainability as a given element of a preferred future, but there may be many ways of attaining this. Here we will put forward two very different types of mindsets that lead to different paths to the future. And the key to these differences lies in different expressions of human consciousness. One scenario is called “Man-made World”, the other we call “The Power of Nature”. Get a first impression of the two futures for sustainable societies here – pdf for download.


Seminar#2 Trailer from In100Y on Vimeo.

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