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ACORN FALLS, an artistic tool to see potential realities

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By Morten Wassini At the recently held 3rd Seminar In 100 Years, there were several speakers, who through their projects’ success stories, talked about the vital personal input of participants and stakeholders. Personally driven motives had the necessary vigour to … read more


A significant event

in100y blog Significant

Hi my name is Pamela, or I’m better known as Pam here in Acorn Falls. I study fictions. Yes, really – it’s what I do. Right here in The Hourglass Inn. I just love them. Why? I’ll tell you. You … read more


Second session: Acorn Falls, it’s in the air!

in100y blog AcornFalls1

Program text: Experience the mysterious city of Acorn Falls inhabited by Future Mind Tours. Start by getting a map that will make the invisible visible at The Tresholds of Acorn Falls. Walk and talk, sense and smell, get lost and … read more