Questions to the Martin Lidegaard

in100y blog ML 2

Q: In Sweden we have experience energy plans can be a hindrance for development. What do you aim to do to avoid this?

Martin Lidegaard (ML): I have not made an energy plan yet, but I will and I am a moderate optimist, since there is support from many walks of life.

Q: What is the role of academia?

ML: I see you as an important part of civil society.

Q: Today we have heard about some very inspiring local initiatives that can afford to take risks and form proof of concepts for new solutions and how it is possible to mobilize local talent. So how do you as a minister see the possibilities of empowering local talent in the quest for new sustainable solutions?

ML: That is a very interesting and complex question. Yes, action is more bold at the local level. Look at Samsø, Sønderborg and the municipalities. On the other hand our grid, and our way of living is getting more global. So the local is living next to the global. Small initiatives co-exist with large initiatives. The transition we need to do in a very short time is huge and therefore it requires that we do both.

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