Second session: Acorn Falls, it’s in the air!

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Program text: Experience the mysterious city of Acorn Falls inhabited by Future Mind Tours. Start by getting a map that will make the invisible visible at The Tresholds of Acorn Falls. Walk and talk, sense and smell, get lost and found. Don’t forget to report back, pal! And do pass the audit to get lunch on your way, please.

Gitte Larsen, Director House of Futures, introduced the second session of the seminar. She said:
“The next session today is Acorn Falls. This is a about being curious and brave. You have to be moving the unknown, as you will hear Carsten Rahbek say we need to do later today. Also in the way we meet and make new connections, not only from mind to mind, but from our heart minds – from being present here today.

The first seminar was held in the element of water, and we were sailing through the streets of Copenhagen in the year 2112. The second seminar was held in the element of ground, soil, of earth. Getting your hands dirty when we invited you to experience two dimensions of distant and yet nearby futures. The fourth and final seminar in January 2012 will be held in the element of fire. It’s our future, love! The inner and the outer sustainability might count equal, as with the top-down and bottom up processes, the short term and the long term. This third seminar is held in the element of air. It’s in the air!

The 4 elements are universal and no one here would doubt them, neither their strengths nor weaknesses. Water is the symbol of our emotions, the earth is our body, the air is our thoughts and the fire is our spirit. It not a religion, it’s just the 4 elements. All of them need your concern and attention, I believe, and that is why House of Futures makes these performance installations as part of the In100Y-seminars, to open our eyes and senses, to let us re-bring the poetic, aesthetic and somatic experience into the present being. Here, together, today.

Our special travel agency Future Mind Tours visits Acorn Falls here today from a far away future – so it might be possible after all to go back in the future, although Steen said earlier today that there’s no going back. The agents of Future Mind Tours think that this seminar is such a significant event that they have travelled here to investigate it. Out there you’ll meet agent Line Loklindt, Louise Yaa Aisin, Iwona Rejmus, Sarah Volante, Gry Worre Hallberg, Madeleine Kate MacGowan and Inga Gerner Nielsen in the characters that inhabit Acorn Falls together with us. They’ve come here to share with us what we could become, and what makes the acorn fall. You’ll know in a while what I’m talking about.

For the next hour and three quarters of an hour, until 13:00, you’ll spend time in Acorn Falls. Walking around this mysterious city, perhaps moving the unknown? Before you go, let me show you how Future Mind Tours introduces the city of Acorn Falls to you, pal:

The Mystery of Acorn Falls from In100Y on Vimeo.

What is so special about you is that you chose to be here today, all of you concerned about the future of the planet – and you are all doing something. Many of you are spending your whole working life trying to make the world more sustainable. It is a mystery and a puzzle why so many are aware of the problems and challenges we face and still too few actually do something about it. We hope that you can help us with this mystery be telling us your story, so we can learn from that and get more people involved. Starting now!

You are all here for a reason, so please share that with each other, when you walk around Acorn Falls. Your walk through this city starts by visiting the Treshold where you checked in this morning. Just ask your way! Find 1 person or more that you would like to do this walk the talk with in the mysterious city. The agents will be inspirations for your conversations on your adventure in past, present and future.

Welcome to Acorn Falls, and I’m sure that you will be making times out there. It is in the air!

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