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The project ”in 100 years – starting now” is focusing on big picture thinking about preferred futures for sustainable societies in the long run. On seminar 4 “It’s our future, love!”, held 18-19 January at Carlsberg Academy, 80 scholars, desicion makers, practitioners and other visionaries participated in the one-year conversation about preferred futures 2112. Get a sneak peak into the process and results of this seminar.

Download article in smaller parts:
HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. Intro, including resume of speakers’ presentations, p. 3-7.
SKETCHES of preferred future scenarios of sustainable societies 2112, p. 10-11.
FUTURE MIND TOURS’ HEAD QUARTERS. Intro, p. 2, and from the 5 rooms, p. 12-21.
HOW CAN… be a driver towards sustainability? Five working sessions – on business, politics, living, mindsets and mindshift, p. 22-23.
WISDOM COUNCIL. The words of the wise elders, p. 24-29.
MIND ON FIRE. Closing ritual, p. 30-31.

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