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Behind the project “In 100 years” are the following organisations and people:

House of Futures (HOF) is a non-profit association founded by visionary companies in 2009. Our vision is to co-create sustainable and joyful futures of leadership, business and politics by living the future now.

House of Futures is:
Gitte Larsen, Futurist, Director and Partner
Søren Steen Olsen, Futurist, Chairman and Partner
Steen Svendsen, Futurist and Partner
Flemming Wisler, Communication expert and Partner
Gry Worre Hallberg, Fiction Pimp and Partner
Madeleine Kate McGowan, Fiction Pimp and Partner
Inga Gerner Nielsen, Fiction Pimp and Partner
Stine Skøtt Olesen, Graphic designer
Tao Thomsen, Copywriter

Read more about us at www.houseoffutures.dk

Core Group
The eight members of the Core Group are:
Peder Andersen, Head of the Environmental and Natural Resource Economy Research Group, Institute of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen. Expert in environmental e conomics.
Karen Blincoe, Founder and Leader of The International Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability (ICIS), Chairman of Danish Designers, PhD. Fellow and former Director of the Schumacher College. Expert in sustainable design, materials and utopias.
Camilla Bjerre, Currently writing her Masters Thesis on how worldviews and stereotypes affect farmers participation in conservation efforts at Center for Forest and Landscape, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen.
Steen Hildebrandt, Ph.D, Professor, Institute of Leadership, Århus University. Prolific Lecturer, Public Commentator and Author of over 50 books on leadership. Expert in Sustainable Leadership and works on connecting social responsibility and human potential.
Ole Fogh Kirkeby, Professor at Institute for Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School. Prolific Author, Philosopher and Lecturer. Expert in consciousness, myths, art and leadership.
Thomas Færgemand, Director of the independent green think tank CONCITO. Lecturer and Expert in Climate, Carbon Neutral Transitions and the diffusion of Green technology.
Claus Stig Pedersen, Senior Director and Head of Sustainability Development at Novozymes, Adjunct Professor at Aalborg University. Expert in Corporate Sustainability.
Carsten Rahbek, Professor at Biological Institute, Ecology and Evolution, Director of Center for Macroecology, University of Copenhagen. Expert in Biodiversity.

Seminar #1: Mind the long run, baby!

– Jennifer Jarratt, Futurist, Leading Futurists (US)
– Cornelia Daheim, Futurist, Z_punkt – The Foresight Company (GER)
– Wendy Schultz, Futurist, Infinite Futures (UK)
– Jessica Carragher Wallner, Futurist, Kairos Future (SE)

Seminar #2: Doing good, thanks!
– The Centre for Art & Leadership (CLK),
   Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy,
   Copenhagen Business School (DK)
– The Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE), University of Copenhagen (DK)

Seminar #3: No fixes, pal!
– Pouline Middleton, Blogger, Zebra Productions, poulinemiddleton.dk

Seminar #4: It’s our future, love!
– Pouline Middleton, Blogger, Zebra Productions, poulinemiddleton.dk

Supported by the VELUX FOUNDATION
The project “In100years” is supported by the VELUX FOUNDATION
as part of their new funding area: Environment and sustainable societies.
Read more about the foundation