From Seminar 1

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Vision, integration of knowledge and mind shift
The purpose of Seminar 1, “Mind the long run, baby!” (held 8-9 June 2011) was to set the tone for the project, to create a frame of mind where taking a 100 years’ perspective not only becomes urgent and natural, but also opens up channels for exploration, discovery and imagination. The overall conclusion is that advancing sustainable societies and enabling transformation must include positive visions, integration of knowledge, and mind shift. This article sums up the contributions made by participants at seminar 1 held 8-9 June 2011 in Copenhagen, which form the foundation for the continuing development of preferred futures scenarios for sustainable societies 2112.
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Floating Futures
Closing the work day the participants were invited by Futures Mind Tours to participate in a ritual, in which they were first asked to write their personal future mission onto a small paper boat. Guided by the song of the agents of the travel agency/büro reisende, we all walked in a procession down to the canal, where their journey of In100Years started the day before. Each of their individual mission were forming a floating ensemble of futures.
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Performing the future
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