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Final Session: Practical Wisdom – Mindshifting


15.10 Ole Fogh Kirkeby (dk): Mindshifting Ole Fogh Kirkeby is Professor of Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School. He will talk about practical wisdom and give a few examples of mindshifts that have occured during the last 200 years. Ole is … read more


Final Session: Practical Wisdom – From Consumption to ‘Next-use’


15.00 Dominic Balmforth (DK/UK): From Consumption to ‘Next-use’ Dominic Balmforth is architecht, Director in his own company Susturb and partner in the House of Futures. He will give a pep-talk about why we need ‘next-use’ to replace consumption as nearly … read more


Third Session: Values, Mindsets and Beliefs – Human Values at a Tipping Point


13.20 Hardin Tibbs (UK): Human Values at a Tipping Point Hardin Tibbs is CEO of Synthesys Strategic Consulting Ltd, a business futures firm in London. Hardin will talk about the shift in global values that is underway and the need … read more

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