25% of all-time global GDP produced since 2000 – true!

About a year ago, The Economist produced a graph which has been making the rounds. It depicts the development in global economic output over the last 20 centuries, representing the output of each century as a percentage of combined output … read more


Listening to Occupy Wall Street (OWS)

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Let’s be clear. This movement is not frustration being expressed, as President Obama, Treasury Secretary Geithner, and now Eric Cantor have suggested. Frustration is passive; anger is active. Martin Luther King was not frustrated. But beyond my anger is real … read more


Fullerton on the Leadership of CEO’s

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We need a Hero, says John Fullerton, discussing the role of Big Business in paving the way out of the crisis and into the future with regard to creating jobs to support the livelihood of millions of Americans John Fullerton … read more