A significant event

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Hi my name is Pamela, or I’m better known as Pam here in Acorn Falls. I study fictions. Yes, really – it’s what I do. Right here in The Hourglass Inn. I just love them. Why? I’ll tell you. You … read more


Second session: Acorn Falls, it’s in the air!

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Program text: Experience the mysterious city of Acorn Falls inhabited by Future Mind Tours. Start by getting a map that will make the invisible visible at The Tresholds of Acorn Falls. Walk and talk, sense and smell, get lost and … read more


Questions to the Martin Lidegaard

in100y blog ML 2

Q: In Sweden we have experience energy plans can be a hindrance for development. What do you aim to do to avoid this? Martin Lidegaard (ML): I have not made an energy plan yet, but I will and I am … read more