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Blog posts about the day:
Robert Costanza
Saamdu Chetri
Ole Fogh Kirkeby
Joseph Bragdon

Pdf of the presentations:
Joseph Bragdon ppt and in text
Ole Fogh Kirkeby ppt and in text
Søren Steen Olsen
Saamdu Chetri ppt , speech in text
Daved Barry on day 2

Pdf of initiatives, barriers, opportunities, visions and preferred futures  from The Dialogue Room

from seminar 2
A sense of preferred futures, a new reason of becoming, sketching out two scenarios, sensed futures, dialogue room, 3 barrieres and 4 opportunities, the first ring.»

Video interviews:
Robert Costanza

Videos from the day:

DOING GOOD, THANKS! – Day One from In100Y on Vimeo.

DOING GOOD, THANKS! – Day 2 from In100Y on Vimeo.

Seminar#2 Trailer from In100Y on Vimeo.

Pictures from the day:
See the pictures on House of Futures flickr