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The short story of the project “In 100 years”. Behind the project are the following organisations and persons:

House of Futures
House of Futures is a non-profit association founded by visionary companies in 2009. Our mission is to co-create sustainable and joyful futures of leadership, business and politics by living the future now. Read more at  or meet the people here

About the project
“In 100 years – starting now” is the title of this project, which is developed and will be facilitated by House of Futures during 2011-12. The project will explore and debate meaningful answers to questions such as: How can we sustain, develop and enrich human existence given the limited resources available on planet Earth? What does it take to co-create sustainable societal development in the long run, and what are the possible, plausible and preferred futures?

We are asking these questions on four Copenhagen Seminars re-working sustainability and growth among a wide range of Danish and international stakeholders to make a unique contribution to the debate on how we can meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations.

We use futures studies methods in a 100 year scope to frame the transformations in the long perspective. The seminars are part of a scenario process running the course of a year involving cross disciplinary experts and thinkers, who will rework and co-create visions of sustainability and growth.

A core group of high profile Danish experts will follow the four seminars and through an independent back casting-process the group will give their recommendations to the VELUX FOUNDATION on whether the foundation should invest in a center for environment and sustainability in Denmark.

Core Group
The eight members of the group are (presented in Danish):
Steen Hildebrandt, Professor, Ph.D., Institut for Ledelse, Aarhus Universitet
Martin Lidegaard, Formand for den uafhængige tænketank Concito
Karen Blincoe, Leder af ICIS, The International Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability, formand for Danske Designere
Claus Stig Pedersen, Direktør Novozymes, adjungeret professor Aalborg Universitet
Peder Andersen, Professor, Faggruppen for Miljø- og Naturressourceøkonomi, Fødevareøkonomisk Institut, Københavns Universitet
Camilla Bjerre, Specialestuderende, Center for Skov & Landskab, LIFE, Københavns Universitet
Ole Fogh Kirkeby, Professor, Institut for Ledelse, Politik og Filosofi, Copenhagen Business School
Carsten Rahbek, Professor, Leder af Center for Makroøkologi, Evolution og Klima, Biologisk Institut, Københavns Universitet»

Presentation of Core Group in English

The 4 Copenhagen Seminars
8-9 June 2011: Mind the long run, baby!
On the future of “sustainable growth”
Materials and blog posts from the day

21-22 September 2011: Doing good, thanks!
On organizational designs and policy and business models

2-3 November 2011: No fixes, pal!
On sustainability and technology

18-19 January 2012: It´s our future, love!
On people and mindsets

Supported by the VELUX FOUNDATION
The project is supported by the VELUX FOUNDATION as part of their new funding area: Environment and sustainable societies.


  • The Centre for Art & Leadership (CLK), Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School (DK)
  • The Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE), University of Copenhagen (DK)
  • Z_punkt – The Foresight Company (GER)