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Dear visionary,
The seminars in the project “In100years” cover different themes and issues, and they all have great participants. None of you, we believe, will settle for good, but go for great. Reworking the concepts of sustainability and growth is a complex task, and the seminar themes and participants are progressively adding to and expanding the resulting sum of knowledge – and questions, too. At the same time the series of seminars is designed with the aim of progressively narrowing the infinite space of futures, to articulate a few scenarios that represent distinctly different possible and preferred futures. Visions which can form a basis for present planning and action. A so called backcasting process.

Unavoidably, given the project’s time frame of 100 years, there are still many open questions after the first two seminars. We have moved from a highly abstract high-level discussion of ideas and approaches at seminar 1 through considering barriers and opportunities for practical models for business and policy at seminar 2. At seminar 3, we are going to focus on actions and initiatives that are already being taken – with the future in mind. These are the seeds that the future will grow from, and they come in many forms as does the future. It all depends on the mindsets of people, organizations, institutions and countries. Basically of you and we.

We will be looking for the future in the present at this third seminar. Especially as it is embedded in technology, science and nature, a dynamic ecosystem of scientists, practicians and technological paths, often competing. The thesis underlying the project is that we cannot go on, and we cannot go back. We face the challenge of transforming our system in order to sustain human development and the earth’s resources, and that is a great challenge. But one common thread to the views and discussions at the previous seminars has been that we are well aware of this – at least we know enough to act. At seminar 3 we will look at such actions in the form of present developments with sustainable growth/development as striking point. These are the seeds of the future, the acorns on the ground.

Yours sincerely,
House of Futures

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