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Find interviews with leading visionaries, meet Future Mind Tours and get a sense of what happened at the seminars below or go to our Vimeo page.

See the videos on Speakers attending in spirit page:
Seminar 1: John Fullerton, founder Capital Institute
Seminar 2: Robert Costanza, Professor of Sustainability and Director of Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS)
Seminar #: Wes Jackson, Carsten Rahbek

See the videos on Seminar 1 page:
Interviews with among others:
Pernille Blach Hansen, Hans-Henrik Samuelsen, Tor Nørretranders, Steen Hildebrandt, Martin Lidegaard, Claus Stig Pedersen, Karen Blincoe, Wendy Schuttz and Carsten Rahbek.

Also: Glimpses from the workshop, musical interlude by Paula New Woman, Future Mind Tours and footage from the nightwalk.

See videos on Seminar 2 page:
Impressions from the two Sensed Futures. Short interviews with Aziz Fall, Joseph Bragdon, Dr. Saamdu Chettri. Glimpses from the Dialogue room day one and workshops day 2.

See videos on Seminar 3 page:
Introductions to the lectures. Impressions from Acorn Falls. Short interviews with participants and the inhabitants of Acorn Falls. Interviews with Wes Jackson, Carsten Rahbek. Introduction to Acorn Falls.

See videos on Seminar 4 page.

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