Gus Speth, Professor of Law (US)

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Gus Speth, Professor of Law at the Vermont Law School in South Royalton and Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos in New York City, outlines the fourfold crisis of the U.S. (

“The U.S. political economy is failing across a broad front—environmentally, socially, economically, and politically. Deep, systemic change is needed to transition to a new economy, one where the acknowledged priority is to sustain human and natural communities.”

He suggests that various progressive civil movements need to join forces in order to present a coherent vision as alternative to consumerism and materialism.

“The best hope for a new political dynamic is a fusion of those concerned about environment, social justice, and political democracy into one progressive force. A unified agenda would embrace a profound commitment to social justice and environmental protection, a sustained challenge to consumerism and commercialism and the lifestyles they offer, a healthy skepticism of growth-mania and a new look at what society should be striving to grow, a challenge to corporate dominance and a redefinition of the corporation and its goals, and a commitment to an array of major pro-democracy reforms.”

One of the major challenges of a unified progressive movement is that the many noble goals often have contradiciting means. At in100y we do our best to discover solutions that doesn’t compromise one cause for another.

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