The Third Millennium Economy

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John Fullerton is Founder of Capital Institute and is working on the first initiative of the Capital Lab: “The Third Millennium Economy.” John serves as co-chair of the Third Millennium Economy Steering Committee, which among others also counts Robert Costanza, Tim Jackson, Juliet Schor, Gus Speth and Peter Victor (

“The Third Millennium Economy intends to construct a roadmap of where we are, and where we need to get to in order to transition to a truly sustainable economic system. Unlike many conversations about sustainable economics, this initiative is grounded in the scientific understanding of the world’s leading ecologists about the planetary boundaries that a sustainable economy needs to respect. Capital Institute is honored to be a contributor to and sponsor of this important work.

A profound cognitive transition is taking place as we come to grips with the implications of the ecological boundaries of our finite planet. We must shift from the reductionist world view of the Enlightenment to a new systemic world view that understands reality as complex, interdependent systems in which the whole cannot be understood as the sum of the parts. The implications for the human economy, its institutions, the financial system that fuels it, our systems of governance, and indeed our sense of what it means to live a good life are all on the table for examination.”

Meet John Fullerton in a video interview at the Copenhagen Seminar Mind the long run, baby!

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